10 Minute Ab Workout

10 Minute Ab Workout

Training Circuit For 10 Minute Ab Workout

Ryan Powers

Entrepreneur, Fitness Enthusiast, Strength Coach

Just as the title suggests we know that training abs isn't necessarily on everyone's top of the to-do list. The time you do have doesn't always lend to a focused core routine and let's be honest - it's not being prioritized. Contrary to previous beliefs in regards to doing a sprinkling of abs everyday is no longer the standard. Putting the time and attention needed on them like any other of your favorite muscle groups will yield better results (so long as you can see them). Yes that was a diet plug. Regardless of the optics, a strong core is part of the foundation of ANY athletic movement. So let's help you with a repeatable easy-to-start routine that will give you a 10 minute ab workout. This routine will be 100% doable anywhere and can be replicated as a circuit for multiple "sets". 

For this article we will recognize 5 different movements designed to be performed one after another with a timed rest at the end. Continue to repeat as you see fit. Take a look at our top picks below...

Hanging Leg Raises
10 - 12 Reps

This movement is one of the fundamentals of true core strength and is a harder then it looks. Your core stability is what will keep you from swinging. 

Featured here is technically called hanging knee raises. These are the training wheels to sticking your legs strait out and touching your ankles to your wrists.                             

10 minute ab workout

Standing Oblique Crunch
12 - 15 Reps (ea side)

Moving the attention to the obliques you will allow the weight to free hang and nearly slide up and down the side of your leg with your arm completely uninvolved. Use only the opposing side to move the weight up and down. 

This exercise is all about focus and correct form as there is little to no margin for error to properly stimulate the muscles intended.                       

10 minute ab workout

Traditional Sit ups
15 - 20 Reps 

The tried and true exercise that is older than your grandmother's cookie recipe. No one seems to be trying to change that!? Don't fix what isn't broken.

Notice the full range of motion that will recruit multiple muscles within your abdominal group. This exercise is irreplaceable in your 10 minute ab workout.             

10 minute ab workout

Fixed Plank
30 sec - 1 Min

Whatever you do, don't watch the clock. Just like boiling water, this exercise feels longer when you are watching the little hand move around the dial. Just put on some good tunes, keep your back strait, butt down, and remember why you were doing this in the first place.                  

10 minute ab workout

Russian Twists
15 - 20 reps (ea side)

If this movement is good enough for former Soviet Union military training, then I'm confident it will work for you. 

It's important not to let your feet down or break that 45 degree angle as you swing the desired weight from side-to-side to only start and stop the direction using your oblique muscles - no arms!              

10 minute ab workout

Full Circuit

There is some methodology to hand picking congruent exercise movements when designing a 10 minute ab workout. Knowing that our customers and supporters are from varying backgrounds and athletic prowess, we needed to design a circuit set that can be performed by anyone with the right practice and more importantly can be completed back to back with only a small rest at the end.  

10-12 Hanging Leg Raises (Legs Strait)

12-15 (ea) Standing Oblique Crunch

15-20 Sit Ups (Traditional)

30 Sec - 1 Min Plank

15-20 (ea) Russian Twists

Rest 75 Seconds 

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