About us

Our Story

We are health and fitness advocates. With 30+ years of combined health and fitness experience, we’re committed to helping our customers achieve peak personal performance. Our product and services, rooted in value & quality, help to fuel a wide variety of health & fitness activities.

Uprise Nutrition offers a full supplement line with a gimmick-free approach. Our ingredients list our simple transparent and carry more potency than our competitors. Everything is made in an FDA Registered Facility and carry GMP Certification. None of our products use fillers or any trashy ingredients. . 

Our Team

Our team is highly trained and focused on matching customers with the ideal supplements for their goals.

Our nutrition panel has extensive industry knowledge and regularly researches the latest trends and breakthroughs in the health industry in order to create the most relevant nutrition programs available on the market today.

We empower you to achieve your personal health goals with an emphasis on mental wellness. Our nutritional supplementation promise a new level of physical performance. Inspired by the most important biological health benefits, we set out to offer real and lasting health, joy and peace

Creating a more trusting transparent brand & product line is our core focus for Uprise Nutrition. We want the great experience our customers have to follow the already established trust that they have in us...

Our Mission

Inspired from our industry experience and born from the passion of improving others lives. We have been developing a full online experience like anything the industry has seen.

Our programs and supplements address all of the most important health factors of today. We are always evolving and improving – just like you! Our commitment to the highest of quality is our foremost goal. Believe in us, as we believe in you. Together we can make it happen!

Why Uprise Nutrition

Secure Payment & Checkout

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Professional Coaching & Support

Our team of coaches & industry experts are here to match you with an ideal program to reach your goals

Free Shipping Options

We offer FREE shipping at $100 or more and FREE Shipping for our PREMIUM Members.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand by our products and are committed to your on going success and satisfaction.

 Safe Effective Ingredients

We only use US sourced ingredients with simple, safe formulations that have proven to work!

Made In USA

All of our products are made right here in the USA inside an FDA registered facility.

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