Do you know what is in your supplements?

Empty Promises, Gimmick Marketing, & Useless Ingredients have been the norm. Until now.

Products created for profit. Not results

Profit driven production budgets causing low value formulations & inflated markups. Many times 6 to 12 times actual cost.

Value > Price

Many times you're paying for ineffective formulations, cheap ingredients, un-tested gimmicks,

Introducing Uprise Nutritoin

Science-backed formulations, simple effective ingredients.

Many companies use weak doses of un-tested or ineffective ingredients. Extra crap is put into the formulation to inflate the perceived value and therefore making the product appear to be more robust. Many of those same ingredients are a complete gimmick.

This smoke & mirrors game can be found in even the most popular brands that provide competitive prices that contain absolute trash ingredients!
  1. .01 Premium Quality Ingredients

    Over 30+ Years of combined experience. Our nutrition panel of experts are here to help!

    Our formulations are simple & effective. We only invest in quality ingredients that produce results. No fillers, no gimmicks, no trashy ingredients.

    Knowing why, when, and what your taking is important to your overall health & fitness strategy. Learn More.

  2. .02 Simple Effective Doses

    Quality ingredients is only the first step -- having the proper dosage is key to a product's effectiveness. Ingredient costs can get expensive, if all you are worried about is the bottom line.

    Most will look at diminishing profit margins and simply skimp on their doses. Wrap it in a flashy label with lots of flavoring and most aren't the wiser.

  3. .03 Clean Transparent Labels

    Ever see a nutrition label "✝ Proprietary Blend"with no explanation or list of its ingredients or their amount? That's simply because they don't want you to know. Simple as that. Its either a watered down formulation, BS ingredients, or both.

    We live in a Free Market and empowering the customer and being a thought leader in the industry is our mission. There is no room for dishonesty. That's not what Uprise is about.

  4. .04 Safe Reliable Formulas

    We have a strong belief that public safety should not be compromised. Infact, our products are many times more that twice as potent with the CORRECT ingredients without having to use any of the garbage.

    We hear horror stories all of the time about companies Using ingredients that cause heart attacks or liver failure. Even meth was found in another companies pre-workout.

    These same companies do zero research and don't realize that the right ingredients will product better results.

  5. .05 Honesty Backed Brand

    Unfortunately, we live in a world where a "healthy" sandwich company can get away with serving "chicken" to millions, with the actual meat containing less than 50% chicken. The rest is fillers and other junk ingredients!

    Others use gimmicky ads depicting athletes that are "body professionals" claiming their products got them this body.

    The FDA currently does not regulate the industry, but we hope one day they will. A company has the ability to claim anything they want on a label and feed the public empty promises with fake result charts.

Uprise Nutrition
Safe, Reliable, Results Driven Performance.

All these shady supplement companies don’t want you to realize a simple truth:

We believe in developing a proper nutritional road map with an intelligent training regimen that is goal specific. Supplements are just that. Supplemental to reach such goals.
  1. That said, there are safe, natural substances that have been scientifically proven to boost strength, muscle endurance and growth, fat loss, general health and well-being, and more.

    And that’s all you’ll find in our products.

    Specifically, we have a simple standard that we live by:

    Every ingredient we use must be backed by published scientific research that demonstrates clear benefits.
  2. Furthermore, we will only use ingredients that we can include at clinically effective doses, which are the exact amounts shown to be safe and effective in scientific studies.

    It makes our job harder, and we don’t make nearly as much profit per bottle as our competitors, but it means our products represent a standard by which all others can be judged. And that matters a lot to us.

Zillion-Ingredient Supplements Are A Scam.

An easy way to make a supplement look impressive is to stuff with a snootful of ingredients.

I mean, if it has 47 different substances, a lot of thought must have went into it and it must do something, right?


First, any supplement manufacturer can provide you with cookie-cutter formulations that look and sound magnificent to the average consumer.

They’re not.

Second, remember that most ingredients found in most supplements don’t have any scientifically validated benefits, and those that do are usually underdosed to the point of irrelevance. That’s why products can contain so many individual ingredients.

When you stick to ingredients backed by legitimate science and proper, clinically effective doses, though, your formulations look a lot different.

Namely, they contain fewer ingredients but much larger doses, and the result is products that actually work.

Customer Verified Value, Delivered Direct To You.

We run our supply chain vertically and manufacture our products honestly. We cut out the middlemen to make great products and sell them at a fair price.

Safe, Reliable, Results Driven Performance.

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