• Using Failure As Fuel

    Posted by Ryan Powers

    Using Failure As Fuel

    Using Failure As Fuel

    Ryan Powers

    Entrepreneur, Fitness Enthusiast, Strength Coach

    You know all of those countless hours you put in when training for a specific goal, and those other times it's just really good therapy.  This article is an embodiment of the ladder. None of us are strangers to failure or the fear of failing. What if I told you that its not always the outcome that's the most important? It's the pursuit of and the response afterwards that really makes the difference. 

    This article will cover those individuals who are pushing boundaries, putting in sweat equity, and going way outside their comfort zone only to have come up short. Failed. I've been there and so has every successful person on this planet. Using failure as fuel, appreciating and learning from the journey, and using those experiences can be powerful tools into becoming better and more prepared for next time.

    Using Failure As Fuel

    Just like proper nutrition, you cannot use failure as fuel until you properly digest the loss. 

    It's important during this time to keep your mind light, recognize and notate the initial onslaught of emotions at hand and to be able to hit the pause button in a healthy constructive manor. You just worked really hard for something and it didn't go your way. The misfire does not have to define you.                                

    Anxiety, depression, frustration, sadness are fixtures of the human psyche. Recognize them. Try this for a moment:
    Imagine laying on your back in soft grass on a cool summer day and noticing a giant blue sky up above. So much clear space that it's soothing. Clouds are beginning to pass by. You notice and mentally note how they looked and how you feel when you see them. Not criticizing, Just observing. Most are white and fluffy. Others are big heavy rain clouds blocking your view of this beautiful blue sky, yet you still know there is all this space of beautiful sky and that this rain cloud you are seeing will soon also pass. Your mind is the blue sky and your emotions the clouds. Learn to recognize and catalog your emotions and work along side of them. Only then will you begin to digest a loss and find the head space clear enough to begin a constructive reflection. 

    In reflection this isn't about beating yourself up or what you did all wrong. Its easy to let negative thoughts take over. Negative thoughts are natural, but these two should be treated like passing clouds in your mind of a big blue sky. 

    Rather, think about what you did really well and how the opportunity was reached. Think about how you grew as an individual and the skills or insight you've picked up from this experience.                             

    Using Failure As Fuel

    Most importantly be appreciative that you had the anatomy to be able to do it and proud that you had the courage to chase a goal. If you are this far into the article and you are reading these words, that means something here has connected to an experience you've had and I just want to say - great job. 

    Finally, let's consider areas of needed growth. Pragmatically think through ways on how you can improve next time. What part of "your game" can you bring up to become a more well rounded player. Or maybe it was conditions in which you could better prepare for as to not influence your outcome so drastically. Remember, just because you didn't have success in this season, doesn't mean you won't in the next. For some their season of success didn't come till after bankruptcy, multiple failures, and lost relationships. Not getting their first big win until after retirement. Don't let this failure define who you are and what you ultimately want

    Think about what motivated you to pursue in the first place. Try your best to be descriptive and honest with yourself. Sometimes this isn't so obvious so be patient during this part as it ultimately decides your direction. If at anytime you feel like this mental process isn't going as planned, there is no shame in letting a professional help you unpack it. Having an extra set of eyes or support may help bring things into a clearer unbiased perspective. 

    Once you've identified and settled on that goal and why you wanted it in the first place, fight the urge to change or dilute that goal just because you failed. Rather let's change and improve the approach. Dreams are worth chasing. 

    Do you have health & fitness goals?

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  • The Push You Needed to Take Your Fitness Routine Home

    Posted by Ryan Powers

    The Push You Needed to Take Your Fitness Routine Home

    The Push You Needed

    Ryan Powers

    Entrepreneur, Fitness Enthusiast, Strength Coach

    Since the middle of March, the S&P 500 has recovered 10%. Stocks that support a remote work environment, such as OKTA, NIVIDIA, Docusign and ZOOM average up over 105%. Businesses such as Facebook and Twitter have already made remote work permanent. Storied retailers such as Macy’s, Penny’s, Sears and others are closing stores at a rapid pace putting enormous pressure on the commercial real estate they once occupied. The rapid growth in the revenue of companies like Peloton, Netflix and ZGNA indicate that Americans intend to work out and play more from or near our homes - putting even more pressure on the physical gyms. 

    the push you needed to take your fitness routine home

    This article in NO WAY is to deter you from continuing to support your favorite local health & fitness facility, this is more about empowering you to be proficient in and around your community and giving you the push you needed to take your fitness routine home without going backwards on your personal progress. 

    Good Investment

    If you are part of the statistical average you were spending over $150 in health & fitness per month. That includes gym memberships.  So over time if you were to compare that to making some smart calculated purchases in ways of at home equipment that holds its value, you would would easily see a return on that investment in a relatively short period of time. Plus, you would then be left with an asset that holds value.

    Of course this comes with some caveats. For instance, It will depend on the deal you are getting on equipment and the weights (never buy at a premium). It can be pricey but try and follow the $ per Lb as a general framework and you shouldn't ever get to sideways in your newly purchased fitness assets. Check out our recommendations here

    Important to note: Never discount the knowledge of a great professional trainer or fitness group experience. 

    Convenience & Time Savings

    This can mean different things for many individuals. For myself, my local fitness facility is well uhh, not that local and so there is 40 minutes wasted round trip along with another 15 min in changing. 

    Additionally, I must have "talk to me in the middle of my set" written on my forehead, as I am always met with many folks who love to talk for 45 min and workout for 15. My weight training of choice is more based off of an average of total sets. I normally clock in between 25 to 30 total sets. 

    After committing to a home gym space, I noticed that the undivided attention yielded quicker rest times, more focused sets, and a natural build of momentum. As a result, I got a lot more done in a short period of time. However, I do miss the comradery, the encouragement form a gym partner, and the competitive spirit of a group/team workout setting. 

    New Challenges & Exercises

    In the build of the new gym and creating our Quarantine Home Workout Series, I decided to invest in an Apple Watch. I knew that if I was going to begin doing activities outside my comfort zone I would need to see goals & progress to become committed, excited, and ultimately successful. Regardless of my competitive sprint background, I can tell I NEVER enjoyed running as a cardio source. I still don't and at my size there is a lot of effort involved into keeping a good pace. Needless to say getting into "running shape" was a new challenge I took on and I am very happy I did. I have also been able to focus more on functional training techniques that I would have not otherwise been comfortable attempting in-front of my peers. I now feel more well rounded and shed some needed quarantine weight in the process. 

    The Privacy & Flexibility

    I will be the first to admit, I enjoy my work outs many times for the pure therapy of it all. Being a father, husband, and entrepreneur there are many instances in which my window of time to workout is different depending on the day, week, and season. Having the ability to be more flexible with no added stress of having to be somewhere at a certain time is absolutely great. In fact, I can throw any old ratty cloths on or try out a "new look" I wouldn't be caught dead testing in public. I can blast the music I like, talk to myself, drop a weight and be un apologetically me and enjoy every minute of it in the privacy of my own home. 

    Final Thoughts

    I will never be able to stop attending my local fitness facilities and having that sense of community. Working out on commercial grade equipment with a variety of exercises. Attending group training and being challenged by my peers. Working along side industry experts sharing one another knowledge and passion. But in this moment of time, I have found the change of pace I was looking for and plan to lean into this fully with open arms. 

    #TogetherWeRise #FuelForEveryAdventure #ElevateYourSelf 

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  • Protein, Pre-Workout, and Motivation: How to Keep The Ball Rolling

    Posted by Chad Powers

    Protein, Pre-Workout, and Motivation: How to Keep The Ball Rolling

    How To Get The Ball Rolling

    Some fitness dude once said to me, “summer bodies are made in the winter”. I then asked him, “Then are winter bodies are made in the summer?” He responded, “ What the hell is a winter body?” I said, “What the hell is a summer body?” His leer of pure discontent still haunts me to this day. Semantics aside my muscle-bound friend was right, being healthy and fit is a year-round gig. It may be hard to find the motivation for this transformation but lucky things like protein, pre-workouts, and some of my personal tips for motivation could help get you through it.


    First things first, for the readers who do not know protein powders are not just for the juice heads anymore and they are not all created equal. I do suggest getting some protein powder if you are looking to do anything other than fast until you can see your cheekbones. WARNING: do not fast your body in an attempt to see cheekbones.

    But getting back on track, protein is an essential element to helping your muscles grow. For most looking to get in shape, repetition exercises will be in our future. These exercises tear down the muscle tissue and when it rebuilds it comes back harder, stronger, and bigger. Giggity. Protein helps with this because your body needs protein to rebuild the muscle.

    But be careful with which protein you buy. Some of the leading protein brands can offer cheap prices for the bottle, but the amount of ACTUAL protein is laughable. So are you buying a bottle of powder or are you buying for the protein? Some of the leading brands can have half the amount of the total weight of the bottle designated to actual protein. So what is the other half you're ingesting? *scratches head* Other thing to remember is not all protein is created equal. Look for strait forward honest nutrition labels with simple ingredient lists. Just because it is a big name does not mean it is also the best.

    Lastly, try not to use WHEY protein as a meal replacement. It is simply not packed with the nutrients that you will need to keep your body healthy. Try instead to eat whole foods like chicken and vegetables. It will not only be better for your whole body, but it will provide you with a substantial amount of protein. On top of that your body will have to burn more calories processing the whole food then it will the protein shake.

    TL;DR take protein to build muscle faster after doing repetition exercises. Buy the best, buy Uprise Nutrition’s protein


    This little dynamo is meant to ( among other things) ramp you up before a workout. Lack of motivation generally stems from a lack of energy. With the usual workday being right in the middle of the day, we are generally pushed to exercise prior to work in the early morning or to work out after work when we are already tired. Either way, any one person is likely to be feeling drained before they even start strenuous exercise. Thus, having this pick-me-up can be just the kick start you need to get rolling with your workout.

    TL;DR Uprise Nutrition pre-workout will give you the kick in the pants that you need to go to the gym.


    Most of us would like to be in better shape but have trouble staying focused and motivated. I have compiled a few tips that I use and work for me and I hope they can work for you.

    • Set a clear goal and measure it along the way. One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated is to see the gains in an objective sense. Weighing yourself is a great way to do this. Many say if you are weight lifting while dieting you will gain muscle while you lose fat but no one will gain muscle at the same rate you lose fat because building muscle is a much, much, much, slower process. So get on the scale once a day and weight yourself while keeping track of it over time. It will hold you accountable and let you see your results as you go. Fall off the wagon and you’ll see it, stay strict and you’ll see it as well.
    • Plan your work and work your plan. Set out a clear schedule for yourself on when you can work out and when you can’t. In the beginning, going every day is ill-advised. It will make you incredibly sore and give a feeling of being overwhelmed. So it is only a natural feeling to want to stop. But if you set up a 4 (maybe 5) day a week workout schedule and keep to it like it is a standing Monday meeting then you will be likely to keep going in your pursuit of fitness.
    • Watch pump up videos from those you aspire to look like. Just about every athlete nowadays has an inspiration video. Sometimes something as simple as watching one of these is enough to get you off the couch. I know it has worked for me on a couple of occasions.
    • Most of all, keep in mind that you are just starting out. As with any new endeavor, you will not be the best at it. There will be people in the gym who are in way better shape than you. But you are still lapping those suckers on the couch. Stay true and do you.

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  • How to make 2019 great.

    Posted by Ryan Powers

    How to make 2019 great.

    Let's make this a great new year. Here are a few tips to help make your 2019 a year to remember!

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  • The Best Father’s Day Gift: Getting Rid Of Dad Bod For Good

    Posted by Chad Powers

    The Best Father’s Day Gift: Getting Rid Of Dad Bod For Good


    The Best Father’s Day Gift: Getting Rid Of Dad Bod For GoodJune seventeenth, 2018. I wake up to my knee still hurting from that thirty-minute pickup game I played with my son and his friends a week ago. Damn kids don’t know how to play without traveling. Of course, that is nothing compared to the usual stiffness in my neck and lower back. Doing a half crunch and roll to my butt technique I sit on the side of the bed and realize that today I am more tired than yesterday, breaking the perpetual record that started in my thirties. Kids insist that I stay in bed for a breakfast but, I gotta get up and stretch this knee thing out and get some hot water on my back to loosen it up a bit. As I walk to the shower and shake the cobwebs out of my head I notice that my toes are sore, that’s new. How do toes even get sore? Well at least I have the obligatory necktie and some boxers to look forward to for Father’s Day.

    If the above caption sounds like you then you may be suffering from a bad case of the Dad Bod. It is more than just a hurtful name we place on men below the peak physical echelon. But my friends all of the things above can be helped with diet, proper exercise, and perhaps a boost here and there. Lacking in these departments usually stems from low motivation, which in turn stems from poor planning. When you have work, home, and a honey-do list a mile long, tossing in a workout schedule and healthy meals seem like an overwhelming feat. So try the pointers I provided below and you will be able to keep the joint pain, random aches, and the spare tire that comes with a Dad Bod. Unfortunately, we cannot help with the choice of Father’s Day gifts you receive. So uhh..... consider this a gift from us. The best Father's Day Gift. Getting Rid of Dad Bod For Good.


    Plan Your Work And Work Your Plan

    We are all bound to the constraints of time, but that doesn’t mean it has to be treated as a ball a chain. We can make it work for us. So let’s break this down. There are twenty-four hours in a day on Earth (Mars and Moon time management to come).  Eight of them are spent working and eight are spent sleeping. Accounting for all, the other BS during the day let’s say that leaves six hours of home and “free time” (like you actually get any as a dad but my boss wants me to put that in there). Think you can find an hour in there? You can.

    Finding that one hour might seem tough but if you plan for it and stick to your plan then it will become a routine and easier to fulfill. One great trick is to pack a gym bag to take to work, mainly just workout clothes to change into and a shaker for water and/or supplements.

    Then here’s the trick, mark an hour workout (includes travel and other things) workout three out of the five days you work and one to two days of the weekend on your calendar. It’s a meeting you can’t miss. It’s an appointment you must make. It’s the one time a day you get to listen to music and do something "manly" without f*&%ing cartoons playing in the background. Whatever you make it, stick to it and it will become a routine and easier to work with. Enjoy the rest days and work hard on the workdays. Stay focused. Forty-five minutes of concentrated effort and then hit the bricks - let's start getting rid of dad bod for good. 

    If nights are not a good time to go for you then consider getting up earlier, going to bed earlier, and getting the exercise out of the way in the morning. If you do choose this route it is easier if you bring your work clothes to the gym, have separate shower items, and a lock for the locker. But the major upside to this plan is when you crush a workout in the morning you are likely to make better food decisions throughout the day.

    If you are looking for better results from your efforts and want to avoid higher soreness then look into Protein for muscle growth and soreness, Thermogenics for fat burning, and Joint Support for aches and pains.


    Finding The Energy

    This all might seem daunting when you are running one. But once you make it a routine you will find the energy is there and I fact with regular exercise you will actually have more energy.  It will also help with the everyday aches and pains as a good amount of our aches and pains come from muscles compensating for the lack of strength in other muscles and poor posture. In addition to falling into a routine, there are plenty boosters to help with your energy and give you that motivation to go to the gym.

    Try this physiological exercise: You are tired, depressed, don't feel up to it, had a long day, sore, etc. Those are all the absolutely perfect reasons to get in "your gym" and give it your all! Why? Because as a busy father, you will have plenty of hard excuses to not make your scheduled time. They will hopefully be few and far between, but none of those under any circumstance should be excuses you create. 


    Brown Baggin’ It

    Packing a lunch will reduce the likelihood of grabbing crap food just because you are in a hurry.  This doesn’t have to be your soggy sandwich and an apple packed lunch you had every day in elementary school. Have some fun with it and keep to a high protein (chicken, quality fish, lean beef, etc.) and low-fat lunch. You can’t outwork a bad diet. So if you want to get rid of lower back pain and a great way to do it is to get rid of that thirty-pound mixing bowel hanging above your belt. Take a gander at our Nutritional Guides for advice and ideas.

    To take the best Father's Day gift further and keep that dad bod off for good fill out the survey below and get started on personalized Online Coaching schedule today. Hope these tips helped my friends. 


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