The Furry Trick To Fasted Cardio

The Furry Trick to Fasted Cardio

Fasted what? I know, I know, those two words together might be the craziest word combo in the English language, but really, truly the health benefits of doing your most hated exercise on a stomach so empty it's eating itself the entire time, are really freaking great. 

Seriously, whether you're a walker, jogger, runner or any combination in between, trust me this shit is good for you. Tough, I know, but I have the furry trick to fasted cardio. First the benefits though. Without getting super technical it's rather simple actually. Your body wants to provide energy to your muscles during exercise.

It can only get energy 2 ways:

Intake of Glucose in the form of sugars, carbs, etc.

Burning the Body's Fat Storage to convert into energy.

Obviously, we want the latter so its important that when doing fasted cardio that you are absolutely depleted. Ideally, we even want glycogen levels low when entering so no previous night snacks or desserts and no breakfast till after the exercise. 

Motivation. Ok, ready for the furry trick to fasted cardio? You know, the thing that will keep you from hitting snooze and postponing your best intentions another day? 

Get an alarm clock and a buddy built into one. Mine is furry, slobbers and licks inappropriately and has night vision so good he can see me carry my running shoes out of the closet in the 5am dark. He goes mad at the silent sound of me unhooking the leash from its place in the laundry room and he can spin in place so fast that I wonder for the first several minutes of our trek if he's going to puke. He is the furry trick to fasted cardio.

My Furry Trick Yes, I'm talking about a dog. The cutest, sweetest, most excitable little mutt you've ever seen, thank you very much. Forget the human kind of accountability partner. This is so much better. When I'm moving slow in the morning, he waits patiently and takes extra time to stretch. When I feel like walking, he doesn't try to motivate (shame) me to keep running. When a big dog charges at me on our fence line path, he doesn't flinch, just subtly growls and keeps the pace. And when we finally return home, he's so deliriously exhausted and thrilled that we have completed another morning adventure, I vow to do it every morning...for him.

Will you hit a few spider webs on the way? Oh yeah. Will you check your step count too often and picture yourself as some kind of cartoon Wonder Woman at dawn every time it climbs higher? Duh. Will you secretly appreciate the rest you get during the 47 pee breaks your dog's gotta take? Heck yes. Will the love and gratitude that greets you in the wee morning hours make it worth it? You bet!


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