Best Home Gym Equipment

Best Home Gym Equipment 

Stephen Powers
Diet and Training Coach Extraordinaire

Training at home can be tough if you aren't prepared ahead of time. Granted, you can get a great cardiovascular workout in, but what if you want to get strong or put on muscle (the two aren't mutually inclusive)? Kettlebells can be very costly, averaging $4-5 a pound compared. To put that in perspective, traditional circular weights average $1-1.50 per pound. We don't know how much cash you have laying around, but it doesn't seem reasonable to pay 5 times as much for weight just to get a pretty weight!

To that end, we thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of easily obtainable exercise equipment for home workouts!

Adjustable Dumbbell System
by Powerblock 

A system based loosely on the Bowflex adjustable dumbbell system, these were chosen for their extremely compact nature. They take up very little space, and are easy to wield regardless of your overall physical stature. They are available in lighter options, but can also go as heavy as most commercial gyms! They can be a bit pricey, but about half the price of a traditional set. 

Closer Look

Hex head rubber coated dumbbells are a great alternative. Expect to spend $1-$1.30 per lb

Space vs Function

It's important to consider all aspects of their intended function when buying dumbbells. Try and step-through the use and if the adjustable style is the right option for you. 

If you can't lose 4 ft x 2 ft (roughly) of space for a 5-50 lb dumbbell rack than adjustable is the clear way to go. Alternatively, if you are fickle about grip, the way they balance on your legs, dropping them after a big set of presses, possible mechanical malfunctions - consider traditional dumbbells as an investment. 

Resistance Bands Set
by Fitness Insanity

Complete with detachable handles, these bands can be stacked together to produce up to 150 pounds of force, much more than even the Powerblock adjustable dumbbell system. Seems to us that this may be much more viable, however limiting their function could potentially be (it's a bit more difficult to perform exercises such as chest presses with elastic bands).

Start Simple

Don't make large investments on features you don't know if you will even use in the first place

Keep It Simple

Although, we strongly recommend these style of bands some of you out there may not need or want all these features.  

If you are looking for just some flat bands that sit better around your back, knees, and feet than don't over think this and save some money where you can!

Adjustable Kettle Weights
by Bowflex SelectTech

Perhaps you prefer training with kettlebells? Let's continue our trend with the adjustable style weights. A perfect choice is the Bowflex adjustable kettlebell. It can be scaled as high as 40 pounds, and cuts down on all that storage required for single weight options!

A bit pricey, but if space is a limitation, it will be well worth the price.

On A Budget

If space and money are a concern like most of us, get creative with the weight that you have starting out

Reuse Your Current Weights

Some of the new gadgets and gizmos in the home gym market can be exciting and impulse buys can come over even some of the most practical. 

Firstly, I recommend buying nothing that you aren't already in a habit of doing and looking for ways to make the most of your already invested weights. With this really simple handle, turn your current dumbbells into kettlebells ↓

Power / Squat Half Rack
by Sunny Health & Fitness

No home gym would be complete without a lifting rack of some kind. This "half rack" provides every system you need to build strength and improve muscle size. What sets this unit apart from other rack systems is the band attachments located on the bottom feet. From our vast experience, we can't recommend that feature alone!

With this equipment, you open up the capability to safely squat, deadlift, overhead press, bench press at any angle, do pull-ups, and every exercise associated with the landmine attachment (another priceless tool!)


Research the features, dimensions, and tolerances of every cage or half rack 

System Of Success

Rack and cage systems have gotten extremely popular because of their versatility, attachments, and accessory options. You should pick yours for what makes sense for you. Warning: Systems aren't interchangeable so choose wisely. 

Our CEO, Ryan Powers picked a light-commercial grade half rack for his home gym for weight capacity, space, and attachment options. It may not be the cheapest, but was certainly a good fit for what he is looking for.  ↓

Free Weights 

by REP Fitness 

Safety should always be a top concern when training with weights. These barbell collars replace the standard spring type collars you typically see in a gym. They are easy to clip on and off, and will not wear out or loosen over time like the aforementioned collars!

They may not seem worth the price, but you just have to trust us on this one!


Measure twice, before you buy something that doesn't fit or feel right

The Right Product > The "Right Now" Product

First off, don't get gauged on $ per lb. Do your research. Raw iron is around $1 per lb, rubber coated is $1.5-$2 per lb, and poly urethane can be upwards of $3 per lb.

Take note of the bar style. It's length, weight capacity, knurling placement, grip diameter, and "whip". For my gym, i had to go with a 6 FT Olympic bar due to the space but still needed it to fit my half-rack, retain the standard 28mm diameter, and not sacrifice weight capacity. 

Ab Wheel Roller & Pushup Handles
by Syntus 

This Syntus kit is a perfect combination of tools for a great cardiovascular workout at home. The push-up handles take all the stress off of your wrists, and the knee pad resolves the issue of sore kneecaps during an ab rolling routine!

The ab roller provides a great way to not only train your abdomen, but also your entire body (you utilize much of your back and hamstrings during ab rolling!)

Just Move

You can do allot with a little and that include just using the essentials

The Essentials

Sometimes getting a good home workout in is really just about having the basics to get moving. Once you start it's easier to get in a routine of doing anything at all. 

Having the essentials around you to get that heart rate up is half the battle, but are the cheapest of your fitness investment. Something as simple as a jump box allows you to do the obvious along with seated dips and augmented push ups. 

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