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Is Keto worth it?

In a single word answer - No. Keto is not worth it. Before you challenge the answer though, I ask that you to challenge the question first. Is Keto worth it? This question means can you accomplish similar to identical results with a less extreme and more stable diet approach - absolutely. And no your not different or special. Other programs besides Keto work too. If you put as much effort in understanding the reasons why keto works at the diet itself, you would understand that going "full keto" isn't the only way to achieve one's goal. This blog topic will be designed for very high-level discovery phase discussion surrounding Keto, how-it-works, its effectiveness, plus its perceivable cons. You can than ask yourself - Is the no-carb juice worth the squeeze?  

Is Keto worth it

What is Keto?

First thing to know is that Keto is not directly defined as a no carb or low carb diet. It's actually defined as a diet for the means of putting one's self into a state of ketosis. There is a clear difference. Being in ketosis is a metabolic state that your body is forced into BECAUSE of very low intake of carbohydrates. Getting into this state alone comes with a risk reward factor itself. The idea is that the body is forced to burn fats rather than carbs for fuel. This usually occurs after several consecutive days of low daily carb levels (20-50 G), higher fat consumption and moderate protein intake as to be careful to not turn excess proteins into glucose deterring from the success of the diet.

If done successfully, your body will begin burning fat as energy and even introduce fat turned keytones into the liver which helps with cognitive health. This with reduction of insulin and blood sugar levels can actually bring health benefits, but remember we are asking is keto wort it?

We are aware there are other forms of "Keto" that mostly revolve around carb loading in a week or even throughout a work out. Uprise Nutrition does not recognize these as Keto Diets as they are breaking the very definition of above. You're either Keto or you're not. 

Is it effective?

Firstly, how are we defining effective? Is your goal to lose weight at any cost (muscle loss included)? In that case, potentially. Assuming you are aware and prepared for the inherent challenges in reaching and maintaining a state of ketosis, then yes it can be effective. That seems like a lot of "buts" though - right? One bad day or meal and your work to maintain ketosis is shattered. 

In our hierarchy of total caloric intake, it 

For individuals who are looking to hold on but improve certain bodily proportions, this usually translates into hanging on to their muscle mass. Explaining why the wild reduction of carbs and moderating protein, is harmful to the overall muscle stability of a body should get its own blog topic. 

The Cons...

Well, above all it comes down to the diets stability and is it feasible on a normal schedule?

We cant answer the latter, but we can tell you that reaching and maintaining a true ketosis state is very disciplined. Although perceivable results can come relatively fast, we can't help but to consider that these same results can be accomplished by other means. And just like all static diets, an inevitable plateau will occur.

It's also worth noting the inherent risks involved in lapse of complete nutrition IF this is diet is performed at a low level of discipline. 

The margins for error are so razor thin that someone would really have to be dialed in to be effective - this is nothing short of test strips to frequently test your urine, a food scale, and a digital food diary with automatic macro calculator. 


Is Keto Worth It? We look at this diet as high-risk, low-reward scenario on inevitable challenges including unwavering attention to detail, risk of muscle loss, and results that can be gained from easier means. 

The Angle 

Training and nutrition like medicine is a practiced science. That said, we are merely providing perspective to this specific approach to accomplish results that have been made in other ways. 

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