Two Is Always Better Than One

Two Is Always Better Than One | Couple's Full Body Circuit

By Stephen Powers

5 Couple ExcercisesValentine’s Day has came and passed, and that means one thing, time to reinvest some time on being a better couple! What better way than to start a training routine that requires your partner? Each of the below exercises have been chosen specifically to target at least one main area of the body, namely your chest, back, legs, arms, and shoulders. Studies have shown that to get the maximum fat burning effect from your workouts, you need to involve the larger muscles groups, and work intensely enough that you feel the “burn”! Average Joe will tell you that you need to be at the gym cycling for hours on end, but the below circuit should help prove him wrong. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

The Crosscut


Using a strong bath towel, stand opposite your partner and take a firm grip with both hands. Next brace yourself, and mimic sawing a log in half. Our goal here is to target your back, biceps, and even your legs. Remind your partner that the goal is not to simply pull the other person off their feet, but to provide enough resistance that allows them to work hard!

 Sit-Up Pass

Sit Up & Pass

This exercise is simple, but very effective. We will target not only your abdomen, but your hip flexors, shoulders, and triceps as well. Perform as detailed in the photograph. As simple as 1,2,3!

Squat Jump Races

Squat Jumps

As with the sit-up and pass exercise, the Squat Jump is another simple, but effective exercise. Starting from a squat position, launch yourself as high as you can vertically. Challenge one another to a contest, and see who can do the most! This one is sure to light up every muscle in your legs!


Push-Up Reach and Touch

Push Up Reach Touch

By now, you’re probably screaming for oxygen, but we’re nearly there! Assume a comfortable push-up position, facing your partner, about half an arm’s length away. Complete one push-up, then reach out to high-five your partner. Alternate arms between push-ups. This is guaranteed to put the burn into your chest, triceps, and shoulders!


Brutal Burpees

Brutal Burpees

Last, and most intimidating, is the dreaded burpee! This is your finisher and a total body workout. Our previous exercises have been working up to this monstrous invention, and now it’s time to “bring it home!”. Instead of a normal burpee routine where one person calls out “hit it!”, we’re going to put a twist in. You and your partner, while participating at the same time, take turns calling out when to perform the burpee. Keep in mind that this is not a cool-down exercise, it’s supposed to tax every little bit of energy out of you! Be the motivation that your partner needs, and push them to be better, faster, stronger.

Repeat this circuit 4-5 times a session, approximately 2-3 times per week. You may increase the frequency (more circuits per session, or more sessions per week, or both!) as your fitness improves. Don’t be afraid of being tired! You won’t be the only one gasping for that sweet, sweet oxygen….


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