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Our blog's goals are to share fun, informative, and engaging content that will help this industry grow and evolve. Every blog will be focused on the needs and wants of our loyal supporters. We plan to leverage our Nutrition Panel with 30+ years of industry experience to be our subject matter experts. We also will feature guest bloggers and Uprise athlete spotlights to gain many perspectives on all things health, fitness, and wellness.

We offer targeted goal based nutrition programs & training guides along with a full line of supplements and nutrition sprays to the active health conscious individuals who are looking for help living a healthier happier lifestyle or to simply reach specific fitness goals.

So, why Uprise Nutrition?

Our founders and nutrition panel have a passion for health, fitness, & mental wellness. We want to share our experience and knowledge to help people to live a healthier lifestyle.
Read our About Us page for more.

We wanted to create programs and products that we know work! We are committed to an on going effort to be a knowledge leader in the industry.

We believe in empowering the consumer with the knowledge and the right to know what, where, and how their foods and supplements are being manufactured.

All of our products are made in a FDA Registered Facility using FDA outlined "Good Manufacturing Practices", and we are proud it!

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