The Traffic Stopper Booty Builder

Ryan Powers

Entrepreneur, Fitness Enthusiast, Strength Coach

Today's WOD: 

The Traffic Stopper Booty Builder

Trust me when I tell you that today's workout is just as much for the gentlemen as it is for the ladies 😉.  The traffic stopping booty builder routine will have you proud of the stance you earned leaving your back profile one to be talked about long after you've left!  Each exercise specifically targets the necessary muscles to build strong glutes and hamstrings. Leading with power movements like squats, & Romanian deadlifts and ending with "fire hydrant" side leg raises and kickbacks. Sculpting your lower half has never been easier!

Creating a more trusting transparent brand & product line is our core focus for Uprise Nutrition. We want the great experience our customers have to follow the already established trust that they have in us....

CEO, Ryan Powers

What our customers have to say

"This program really put my goals back on track. I have been struggling for a couple years now, and the results were so immediate. I feel more prepared then ever!"

Brandon Pasley, Cincinnati OH

"The six week training guide helped me take my physique to a whole knew level! The workouts were intense and the well-planned exercises ensured my body never became comfortable with the routine."

Jessica Rinderle, Tucson AZ

Staying Connected

We hope that you can join us on some of our social networks and get more involved in our brand. We are much more than just a supplement brand. We are a movement for alternative fitness and fuel for every adventure! 

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