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Picking The Gym That's Right For You

We all know the story of Goldilocks & the three bears, but have you heard of the story of Suzy Jump-box & the three gyms? Not too hard, not too soft, let's pick the gym that's right for you. We will help you analyze the right gym near you and get your motivation back on track! 

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Once upon a time...

As the story goes Goldilocks wonders in the woods one afternoon and is faced with choices of porridge, chairs, and a bed to nap in. Just like this story we must consider a few things when picking out the gym that's just right for Suzy Jump-box . 

With so many choices in the market today we will need to first narrow down the field before even start to consider picking the gym that's right for you. What type of gym would you enjoy attending? Traditional gym, cross-training, group class based, studio, etc? Thinking about your personality and what style of training motivates you, what will you stick with, what do you enjoy doing? Ask the brutal questions now before starting your search.  Once you have chosen your category, it's time to consider open hours & distance from where you will be leaving from, the features & budget, and it's culture.

The Open Hours & Distance

Let's start by saying this out loud for the internal thoughts in the back of your head to hear. You will never have time to workout consistently until you make time for yourself. Period. 

Habit happens through routine and routine works well with a structure. Taking the guess work out of where you're going to be, when your going to be there, and what you're going to do is 70% of the battle. 

I personally block of workout time in my calendar and put a DND on my phone. No calls, texts, or emails for me. Just my time for a solid 45 min - 1 hour for the last 15 years. 

Drive time is a factor. A big one. If you workout in mornings or evenings you should consider mapping the distance and the route from your work or home. Invest in a nice gym bag & lock. Stick to less than 30 minutes of drive time round trip. If you're a lunch hour "day-tripper", then drive time should be much less. 

If you work odd or late hours consider a gym that accommodates this flexibility. Your time is the number 1 priority and is one thing in life you don't back, so take a moment and familiarize yourself with what's around you using the "near me" feature in your search. 

The Features & Budget

So by now, you have decided on the general training style that you would like to incorporate in your routine. Next let's consider sketching out a training program.  This will help to make a check list of some non-negotiables that your future gym must have to get the job done.

Today's modern gyms have this covered for the most part, but if you are picky (like I am) finding a suite of quality gym equipment is a bit more challenging. Think about your personal tastes. Do you prefer to use mostly free weights or bumper weights? Are you more of the plate-loaded arm machine type or prefer pin loaded instead. Will you be using the jungle gyms and turf? Looking for cardio boxing? 

What sort of extra accommodations do they offer such as an indoor track, specialty cardio equipment, locker rooms, sauna, etc 

Finally let's talk cheddar. Are there annual contracts or month-to-month? Do they carry an annual fee with a start-up fee? Do they bill monthly or bi-monthly. Credit card processing or checking direct deposit only. Do they offer multi-gym access or guest privilege's? These are important as this is usually the only negotiable moment you'll have before you sign up. 

The Culture & People

Staying engaged, motivated, and ultimately achieving one's goals is always easier when there is comradery involved. You want to be in a cultural environment that fits you as an individual and is a reflection of where you want to be headed during your fitness journey. Some cultures are a bit to soft, some are a bit too hard, it's important to understand the type of people you are going to frequent around when picking the gym that's right for you. 


Picking a gym that is on your way and fits in your schedule, budget, and goals. Planning your work and working your plan to ensure picking gym that's right for you has all of the right features you need with the right people and support system to help you get there.   

The Angle 

No gym is perfect so creating a hierarchy of what you are looking for will help the decisiveness. Concessions may have to be made for the betterment of the new you.  

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