• Quarantine Home Workout

    Quarantine Home Workout
    Ryan Powers Entrepreneur, Fitness Enthusiast, Strength Coach Quarantine Home Workout  Well, here we are. Stuck in a quarantine and settling into our new temporary norm. With no defined end in site we must make the best of the resources and space we have. For many, this means finding our new routine. We are here to help go from basic to advanced in a weekly...
  • 4 Helpful Ways to Treat Muscle Soreness

    4 Helpful Ways to Treat Muscle Soreness
    Stephen Powers Diet and Training Coach Extraordinaire We’ve all felt that tight, achy, inexplicably painful feeling in our muscles after intense training. There’s actually a term for it: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, or DOMS. Discussions regarding how to get rid of muscle soreness and what causes muscle soreness can be rather lengthy, so I’ll reserve that discussion for another day. In the meantime, let’s...
  • Debunking the Greatest Squat Myths!

    Debunking the Greatest Squat Myths!
    The squat has been described as the “holy grail” to growing thick, powerful legs. If this is the case, why are do some individuals excel so easily at the squat? Can you truly target the inner or outer portions of your thighs? Questions abound! Not to worry, we’ll do our best to debunk and resolve all of these questions, and more! Grab your protein shake, strap on...
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