Bored With The Same Workout Routine?

We find ourselves operating in the same path every time we lace up our sneakers, log the workout in our notebook or app and head for the same routine at the gym. Sure, routine workouts is good for you, but it is also important to vary your physical fitness routine. Your body - and mind - will reap benefits when you break out of your comfort zone and try new activities. It is the key to preventing boredom, plateaus, and stalemates while also stimulating new muscle groups. There is no shortage of several types of exercises to attempt so if you've got a propensity to gravitate to certain activities such as weight training, running, or biking - look for ways to change up your workout routine!  

No Cardio PleaseThe first step to fight being bored with the same workout routine is tweaking your regular workout. Step out of your comfort zone. Frankly, your body becomes used it and becomes very effective at such a movement. You do the same activity every time and growth/improvement stalls. That adaptation will even reduce the calories burnt when you are doing the same exercise style day-in and day-out, giving way to the all-encompassing question – why even do it in the first place!?

The answer: Challenge your body in a manner that it isn't use to. Your body might have to work harder, because it adjusting, but that’s a good thing! You are in fact working out, and you will burn more calories when your body is “learning”. Taking on a new challenge and pushing yourself, will keep your mind off being bored with the same workout routine I promise you.  

Side Note: Do not forget to eat sensibly! Consistent activity plus a healthful diet are essential for fat loss.

Injury is also a factor to consider when boredom and monotony set in. Think about it, there is a reason why you get hurt whenever you put your body throughout the same motions again and again. This type of injury occurs from hitting a tennis ball doing a lot of repetitive motions, running, kicking, or performing the swimming stroke. With new activities, you would provide those muscles and ligaments a possibility to rest and recuperate before placing them back into action.

Recreational free-motion exercisers, are precisely the best approach. They have a little to do with everything. Be careful though, you might find yourself looking great and be physically prepared to take on a wider range of sports and activities. It may be hard for you to put down your normal weights, running shoes, cycle bike, or what have you. You will think that a day not spent on your normal routine is a day backwards, but that is simply not the case. You will expose yourself to new fun and exciting activities that will challenge your body and hopefully make you better-rounded athlete and kick start new passions and pathways to a better you.

So, if you end up literally counting down the seconds left on your elliptical workout or can barely stand the sight of the identical streets as you run them down, it is time to switch up your routine. Venture out to a new class, pickup game, or community obstacle course for a total change of pace, or simply try tweaking your usual activity.


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