Battling the Arctic Temperatures – How to strengthen your immune system

How to strengthen your immune system - Click to learn moreBattling the Arctic Temperatures – How to strengthen your immune system

The polar vortex is making its annual migration south, and that means runny noses, chest colds, and a myriad of other immune system hardships! So how do we fight this battle without visiting the doctor every time we feel a tingle in our throats?

Today, we explore an assortment of vitamins that are crucial for a strong, healthy immune system.

First up, one of the most crucial, yet overlooked, vitamins is Vitamin A. This nutrient is particularly vital to your gut health. Since your digestive tract sees the majority of bacterial invasions (food, liquids, etc.), it will make the majority of the “immune-response” decisions in your body. To give you an idea on the number of decisions it makes, consider the following: In one day, your digestive tract will interact with, and filter out, more pathogens than the rest of your entire body will in your entire lifetime. It is almost unfathomable, but true!

Next in line is Vitamin D. Unlike Vitamin A, your body can produce this vitamin on its own; however, it requires sunlight. It’s like we’re a miniature version of Superman! Vitamin D is responsible for enabling your body to create hundreds of antimicrobial bodies for your immune system. During the winter months, we obviously see less sun than normal. This is one of the contributing factors to larger occurrences with the cold and flu, so it is imperative to supplement with this nutrient.

Vitamin C, perhaps the most well-known immune system boosting vitamin, is actually the most mysterious vitamin. To date, medical professionals are still not entirely sure what processes occur between Vitamin C and the immune system that make it such a potent nutrient. It can be argued that Vitamin C is a very potent anti-oxidant, which reduces inflammation and allows cells in your body to metabolize nutrients properly. Specifically, your intestinal tract. Remember, a healthy digestive tract can absorb nutrients much more efficiently: more nutrients means a healthier body! Although the human body does produce this nutrient on its own, it does not produce it in large enough quantities to account for modern life obstacles (stress, processed foods, intense workouts, etc.). Thus, it is highly recommended to supplement with this nutrient as well!

Last but not least, is Vitamin B12. Although it does not directly react with the immune system, it deserves to be on this list for its overall health benefits. Because Vitamin B12 is directly responsible for assisting in red blood cell production, individuals with a deficiency in this mineral will experience anemia. This condition is marked by weakness, tiredness, or light-headedness. Unlike Vitamin C, this nutrient is not produced by the human body, so it must be obtained through proper diet and supplementation.

Looking at all of these, it can be overwhelming thinking about keeping track of these vitamins daily. The key to proper supplementation is simplicity! Luckily, Uprise Nutrition has a supplement that serves this exact purpose! Their Vitality spray actually contains all of these minerals, and in a convenient spray can! Simply carry it with you to work, and take after each meal throughout the day!

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