100% WHEY | Premium Protein

More Lean Protein Per Bottle Than Competitors
$ 79.98
$ 79.98
5 Great reasons to buy from us:

 100% WHEY Premium Protein. is without a doubt our flagship product.

Designed to provide unparalleled taste and absorption. It contains ultra-filtered WHEY protein that is cold processed to retain the highest biological value of any single protein source in the world. Ideal for fast recovery, replenishment, repair and muscular growth. This product includes digestive enzymes that make it easy on the digestive tract, which in turn makes it bio available quickly for protein synthesis. This helps to flood the muscles with essential amino acids that are critical for any high-impact activity. Active muscles require proper protein. Give them the best with Uprise Nutrition’s 100% Premium WHEY.

Key Features:  

  • 100% premium whey protein
  • Contains over 1,750 grams of protein per 5lb bottle
  • Locally sourced grass-fed dairy farms
  • Full amino profile per serving
  • 5.2 Grams of BCAAs per serving
  • Keto & Atkins friendly
  • Essential digestive enzymes
  • Transparent ingredients list means no hidden chemicals!
  • No soy protein, gluten, GMO, MSG, or hormones
  • No fillers or additives
  • Best tasting protein on the market

Ultra-filtered, fast absorbing protein - 25 Grams/Scoop

Outstanding Taste - Top rated taste! Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Mixes Easily - Formulated to mix completely using just a shaker bottle. 

Only 130 Calories with a full Amino Acid Profile

            Premium Taste

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