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With 30+ years of combined health and fitness experience, we’re committed to helping our customers achieve peak personal performance. Our product and services, rooted in value & quality, help to fuel a wide variety of health & fitness activities.

Uprise Nutrition offers a full supplement line with a gimmick-free approach. Our ingredients list our simple transparent and carry more potency than our competitors. Everything is made in an FDA Registered Facility and carry GMP Certification. None of our products use fillers or any trashy ingredients. Our team is highly trained and focused on matching our customers with the ideal supplements to meet their business needs.

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Customer satisfaction & quality matters. Your priorities are our priories. 

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100% Premium WHEY Protein

$39.98 ($50)
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Our best-seller flagship product is without a doubt our ultra-filtered, cold processed, premium 100% WHEY Premium Protein is the industry standard for quality & value. Containing over 725 grams of pure protein per 2lb tub, featuring:

  • It’s 100% premium whey protein
  • Locally sourced grass-fed dairy farms
  • Full amino profile per serving
  • 5.7 Grams of BCAAs per serving
  • Keto & Adkins friendly
  • Essential digestive enzymes
  • Clear transparent label
  • No soy protein, gluten, gmo, msg, or hormones
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RISE Pre-Training designed specifically to enhance either cardio/endurance or weight/strength regimens.

RISE Endurance | Pre Workout

$34.98 ($40)
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Uprise BCAA Blast provide the needed aminos and energy to power you through long days or killer workouts

BCAA Blast 

$34.98 ($40)
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Uprise RECOVER helps you bounce back from grueling training sessions or to nourish your body on a tough day.

RECOVER | Post Workout

$39.98 ($50)
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our capsule line


LEAN | Fat Loss Formula

$39.98 ($60)
See Final Price In Cart

LEAN is a synergistic formula of key ingredients to aid in multiple fat loss pathways that will increase bodily metabolism and energy.

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NuTEST | Natural T Booster

$44.98 ($70)
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NuTEST is designed to enhance strength, stamina, and sexual libido by boosting the bodies available free Testosterone.

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TruFlex | Joint Support

$34.98 ($40)
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TruFLEX is designed to relieve joint stress, stiffness and dryness for increased flexibility and overall improved joint health.

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All Sport Multi-Vitamin

$19.98 ($30)
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MULTI-VITA is formulated to address the most important health factors of today - including gender specific support, immune blend, & antioxidants 

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Nutrition Programs

Get Ripped

$49.98 ($100)
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Uprise Nutrition offers a GET RIPPED Nutrition Program & Training Guide for individuals looking to trim any remaining excess body fat fast and effectively for a trim ripped physique. 

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Leaner & Sexier

$49.98 ($100)
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Uprise Nutrition offers a LEANER & SEXIER Nutrition Plan & Training Guide for individuals looking to trim any remaining excess body fat safe and effectively for a trim sexy physique.

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Muscle Builder

$49.98 ($100)
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Uprise Nutrition offers a BUILD MUSCLE Nutrition Program & Training Guide for individuals looking to pack on lean muscle mass fast, safe, and effectively without comprise in healthy or body fat.

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Tone Up & Show Off

$49.98 ($100)
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Uprise Nutrition's SHAPE & TONE Nutrition Plan & Training Guide is one of our most popular programs for individuals looking to improve their overall body proportions.

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Customer Testimonials

Nick Casbar

Lebanon, OH

"The value that comes in this bundle is what really caught my interest. I couldn't believe how much you get with it! I am loving it so far!"

Quincey Tyus

Lexington, KY

"I have been working on my physique for years and have mostly done my own research. Reading this Nutrition Plan has changed the way I look at dieting forever."

Brandon Pasley

Boulder, CO

This bundle really put my goals back on track. I have been struggling for a couple years now, and the results were so immediate. I feel more prepared then ever!

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