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Uprise Nutrition's RECOVER  is the ultimate Post-Training Formula is a house favorite for our CEO, Ryan Powers. It's his number one source for recovery after a grueling training session. The vital GOOD carbohydrates needed for maximum growth!

At only 100 Calories, this high molecular weight formula features:

  • Nutrients to reduce fatigue & soreness
  • Improved recovery rate
  • BCAAs to promote protein synthesis
  • Calming agents for nervous system repair & better sleep
  • Transparent ingredients list means no hidden chemicals!
  • No bloating or upset stomach
  • No fillers, additives, or proprietary blends
  • Addictive, delicious flavor

Uprise Nutrition's RECOVER can be taken on the back half or post workout to aid in recovery, strength, and nutrient replenishment. Using a unique combination of advanced, time-released carbohydrates featuring Cluster Dextrin, BCAAs, & Taurine to RECOVER from even the most demanding of training regimens.

RECOVER has a high molecular weight and is highly glycemic to help usher nutrients back into the muscles when they are most needed. Containing fast acting carbohydrates to restore low insulin levels after a hard training session.

Proven to Aid in Recovery - Recharge. Rebalance. Rebuild

Outstanding Taste - Top rated taste! Satisfaction Guaranteed. 

Easy On Stomach - Light and non-irritating to your digestive track with absolutely no bloating.

          Premium Taste

A Look at Cluster Dextrin, Uprise's RECOVER Featured Ingredient:

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