RECOVER | Best Post Workout In The Industry

Uprise Nutrition's RECOVER  is the ultimate Post-Training Formula.

RECOVER will aid in recovery, strength, and muscular viability after even the most demanding of training regiments.

RECOVER contains a patented ingredient - Cluster Dextrin. This Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin is produced from amylopectin. Don't get this product confused with the cheap simple sugar (Dextrose) based products.  

RECOVER has a high molecular weight and is highly glycemic to help usher nutrients back into the muscles when they are most needed. It's the perfect fast acting carbohydrate to restore low insulin levels after a hard training session.

Proven to Aid in Recovery - Boost size, strength, & recovery.

Outstanding Taste - Top rated taste! Satisfaction Guaranteed. 

Easy On Stomach - Formulated to to be light and non-irritating to your digestive track with absolutely no bloating.

***No trashy ingredients, propietary blends, or fillers

Only 110 Calories with over 25 G of Cluster Dextrin + BCAAS & L-Glutamine

          Premium Taste

$ 49.99 $ 44.98
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A Look at Cluster Dextrin, Uprise's RECOVER Main Ingredient:

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